Excellence in Aging for Men: Twelve Strategies
By Claude Steiner PhD

“…they say in the end, it’s the wink of an eye…”
Jackson Browne

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Table of contents


Strategy # 1; Wake Up, You’re Dying.

Strategy # 2: Thirty Six Thousand Six Hundred And Fifty Days 

Strategy # 3; Let Go.

Strategy # 4: Love is the Answer.

Strategy # 5: Eliminate Hatred.

Strategy # 6: Master Your Domain.

Strategy # 7: Don’t Groan When You Sit Down.

Strategy # 8: Sex: The Best Kept and Guilty Secret.

Strategy # 9: Surround Yourself With Youth.

Strategy # 10: Wisdom: Shut Up And Learn:

Strategy # 11: Master Imperfection.

Strategy #12: Transcendence.


On my 70th birthday in 2005 I committed myself to live ten thousand more days—to age one hundred—every day as if it were my last, every day committed to live the sort of life that would facilitate that centenarian outcome.

It goes without saying that with these writings I am attempting to illuminate my own path. In many ways, writing this book has been helpful to my own progress on this arduous road. Still, I have been reminded that, at times, I fail to follow my own advice especially when it comes to my fifth strategy regarding anger. In addition I have much to learn about the twelfth strategy—transcendence and spirituality—and I am hoping to be allowed the time to do so. All I can say is that, in imperfect ways, I try to practice what I preach.

My principal purpose in writing this book is to direct the reader’s attention to important but seldom discussed issues related to aging in men. Much is known about the factors that affect aging favorably and unfavorably; I will not attend to them here. Every centenarian has a formula for longevity, from a daily ounce of whisky or gram of bee pollen, to never eating broccoli; many of them mention love and/or faith. Basically, Harry Truman had it roughly correct when he advised: “Pick the right grandparents, don’t eat or drink too much, be circumspect in all things and take a two mile walk every morning before breakfast.” I will assume that you are adequately enlightened about the prevailing wisdom regarding physical exercise, diet, antioxidants and all the physical facts of aging. For those who are not sufficiently acquainted with that information I provide a concise annotated bibliography in the endnotes. I provide references to the latest information on these subjects as well as references expanding on methods to achieve the sometimes difficult strategies suggested.

If there is a virtue to this work its the specific selection of strategies and the brevity of their presentation. I will make reference to three realms of knowledge: Eric Berne’s transactional analysis, Vipassana Meditation, and the Kundalini Chacras. Each of these systems has informed my life in dramatic ways which I intend to illustrate.

Why do I write this book especially for men? I believe a writer is most credible when he writes about things he know from direct experience; I am a man; men and women are different and age differently in significant ways; physically, sexually and emotionally, at the very least. Here I want to focus on men’s issues.

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