thcoverWritten from the perspective of one who participated in the development of transactional analysis from its earliest days to the present.
Dedicated to all the people who are fascinated by transactional analysis; a worldwide movement of deeply egalitarian and democratic principles.
Steiner synthesizes, in this brief and readable text, his stroke and heart-centered, information-based approach.
Love, strokes, the stroke economy, cooperation, power abuse, and an anthropological analysis of how our hierarchical power system evolved are explored in depth.
The crucial roles of the Child, the Adult, and the two Parents — Nurturing and Critical — are illuminated with special focus on the Critical Parent’s function.
The book maintains faith with Berne’s core concepts: the analysis of transactions between ego states; games and scripts, the OK existential position; contracts and cures; crisp, understandable theory; effective, information-based practice.
You can purchase the paperback book ($14.95) or the Kindle version ($9.99) from or through me, at


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