Emotional LiteracyEmotional Literacy; Intelligence with a Heart. Personhood Press, 2003
(If you want to buy a hardcover or paper back edition of the original, hard cover 1997 version of the book click here. The original 1997 version of the book is also available in Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Danish and Dutch translations)
In the book, I offer a love-centered approach to emotional intelligence, developed over the last twenty years, which I call Emotional Literacy Training. This approach, based on Transactional Analysis, inspired by the women’s and men’s movements and informed by the works of Riane Eisler, Ronald Laing and Eric Berne seeks to teach people the following skills:
1. Knowing what feelings we have, how strongly and why.
2. Recognizing the kind, strength and reasons for other people’s feelings, and
3. Developing the love-centered ability to express or hold back our feelings to enhance the quality of our lives and the quality of life of those around us.
I begin with a series of simple exercises to Open the Heart which will bring immediate results for those who will try them at home at work in everyday life situations. In these exercises I teach how to effectively overcome the obstacles which stand in the way of giving and accepting strokes or Warm Fuzzies as I first called them in 1997 when I wrote the now ubiquitous Warm Fuzzy Tale. You will learn how to freely give, ask for and accept the affection we so need.
Next in this systematic approach comes Surveying the Emotional Landscape. Here I   teach a new language of the emotions. With this new language you will be able to understand what is going on all around you–at the emotional level–and why. You will be able to navigate difficult emotional situations by speaking clearly and honestly about your feelings. You will learn to recognize and honor your feelings and the feelings of others.
Finally comes Taking Responsibility, the difficult and fine art of asking for, making and accepting apologies for the inevitable emotional mistakes we make in our everyday lives. Here you will learn the importance of empathy and how you affect other people negatively. I show how easily we can make amends for our mistakes if we will only accept responsibility in an open hearted and honest way. Taking responsibility for our emotions and their effect on others is an essential skill in accomplishing our most important emotional goal: To love and be loved in return
The book has been translated into six languages, one more to come. Click here for a list of foreign publishers.

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